Acton CE Primary Academy

About This School

At Acton Academy we base our entire curriculum around 'real life' skills to prepare our pupils for the challenges that they might face in the future. In art these real life skills are essential for all of our pupils to see themselves as artists and produce work that is individual to them. The Year 5 artwork that has been submitted reflects the topics that the class have been involved in during the academic year. Each child has the freedom to develop their own style and creativity in the pieces they have produced.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three entries from each school and public voting is open from 1st - 26th April 2019. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at The Old Library in Chester starting on the 28th June.

Colourful Birds

Finn Gilding

30 x 37 cm, Watercolours

Nature Colours

Jake Tudor

25 x 17 cm, Oil pastels

Night life

Megan Brown

24 x 37 cm, Pen and inks

Woodland leaves

Eddie Ambrus

51 x 27cm, Mixed media

Beautiful Birds

George Evans

30 x 39 cm, Watercolours

Bright Eye

Pixie Barlow

30 x 41 cm, Pen and inks

Country landscape

Holly Hale

17 x 25 cm, Oil pastels


Ava Chapman

25 x 29 cm, Oil pastels

Sunset Landscape

Alexi Harper

25 x 28 cm, Oil pastels

Summer Flowers

Evie Macintosh

23 x 34 cm, Oil pastels

Meadow of Flowers

Toba Jellicoe

35 x 25 cm, Oil pastels

Night time

Jason Cooper

27 x 20 cm, Pen and inks

Colourful Eye

Madison Latham

42 x 30 cm, Pen and inks

Blue Eye

Daniel Leather

42 x 30 cm, Pen and inks

Crying eye

Lydia Street

30 x 42 cm, Pen and inks

Dripping Eye

Harry Clough

36 x 30 cm, Pen and inks

Wildflower Landscape

Ed Kinsey

36 x 22cm, Oil Pastels


Matilda Williams

25 x 37cm, Oil Pastels

Poppy Field

Emilia Newport

23 x 34cm, Oil Pastels

Wild flower meadows

Rose Lawson

18 x 26cm, Oil Pastels

Woodland walks

Ruby Leather

28 x 36cm, Oil Pastels

Woodland patterns

Summar Linsey-Shihadah

30 x 27cm, Mixed media