Fallibroome Academy

About This School

The Fallibroome Art Department provides a sense of security and an atmosphere of respect out of which student's creativity can flourish. We encourage our students to engage with all aspects of art, craft and design and work together to develop the quality and range of courses, facilities and experiences available to our students. We recognise our responsibility for raising student awareness and understanding of the potential future opportunities available through a good education in a creative subject. We look to share our passion for the subject, subsequently engaging, enthusing and building the confidence of every student.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 4th - 28th April 2018. The winners can be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at Storyhouse in Chester, starting on the 8th June.

London sky

Caera Hannah

14cm x 19cm, Watercolour on paper

Sunset in the Peak District

Georgia Mayer Holt

13cm x 18cm, Photography

Lost paradise

Madison Bownass

24cm x 15cm x 8cm, Mixed Media Sculpture

Celebrating Diversity

Vanessa Folkes

60cm x 42cm Mixed media

Reflections in the soul

Tabitha Wilkin Cortes

23cm x 29cm, Acrylic on Canvas

Beauty is in the eye (of the beholder)

Ruby Burnham

18cm x 13cm, Mixed Media on canvas

Shanty town

Jayden Mellor

27cm x 21cm x 7cm, Mixed Media Sculpture

The face is a sculpture

Katherine Lord

21cm x 23cm, Pencil


Jessica Barnard

21cm x 29cm, Pencil

The colour of nature

Ellie Gough

15cm x 23cm, Watercolour on paper

Autumnal colours

Lucy Shenton

14cm x 19cm, Watercolour on paper

The lonely house

Lola Fischer

21cm x 29cm, Watercolour on paper

Fly High (Tryp-tich)

Milly Collins

13cm x 18cm, Photography

Rio life

Edie Barstow

36cm x 40cm x 20cm, Mixed Media Sculpture

Remnants of a past life

Marcella Dale

37cm x 19cm x 17cm, Mixed Media Sculpture


Frank Whittaker

29cm x 22cm x 16cm, Mixed Media Sculpture

The escape

Bradley Chandler

23cm x 22cm x 16cm, Mixed Media Sculpture

Freedom and Peace

Jess Woolley

28cm x 27cm x 13cm, Mixed Media Sculpture

Dissolved emotion

Amelia Griffies

21cm x 29cm, Watercolour

Before Darkness

Sapphire Anderton

21cm x 29cm, Pencil