Kings Leadership Academy Warrington

Over the course of six weeks, Year 9 King's students have been creating artwork based on the theme of foreshortening. Their aim has been to demonstrate their understanding of composition, perspective, contrast, tone and texture within their pieces, therefore proving their understanding of art techniques. They have all had to scale up their photograph from A4 to A3 or larger, demonstrating their drawing ability, craftsmanship and control. In many cases, students have communicated a personal message or concept within their work.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at at Mid Cheshire College starting on the 8th June.


Ella Leach

30 x 42cm, Acrylic paint, pencil and watercolour


Archie Gatley

30 x 42cm, Pencil

Talk to the hand

Katie Platt

30 x 42cm, Pencil


Abigail Johnson

37 x 54cm, Biro, pencil and ink

Gender doesn't matter

Abbie Hardman

30 x 42cm, Biro and pencil


Lucy Davies

30 x 42cm, Pencil

Keep creativity alive

Finlay Smith

30 x 42cm, Biro and pencil


Ellie-Mai Jopson

30 x 42cm, Biro

Smile for the picture

Harriett Boyle

30 x 42cm, Pencil and ink


Katie Howard

30 x 42cm, Pencil and ink

Social media

Elle Edwards

35 x 47cm, Acrylic paint, pencil


Jasmin Pilling

30 x 42cm, Pencil

Man's best friend

Maddie Sewell

26 x 32cm, Pencil

Flight path

Danique Mann

40 x 54cm, Pencil and watercolour


Lottie Deakin-Berry

30 x 42cm, Biro and pencil

Stamp out bullying

Luke Collopy

21 x 30cm, Digital Photoshop


Nicole Madden

39 x 42cm, Acrylic paint, pencil


Beth Duffy

40 x 52cm, Acrylic paint, pencil


Sam Thomson

21 x 30cm, Digital Photoshop

Fight for love

Reece Darbyshire

30 x 32cm, Pencil

The clock is ticking

Beth Giles

31 x 43cm, Acrylic paint, pencil, biro and watercolour


Molly Voce

38 x 40cm, Pencil


Ellie Robinson

30 x 42cm, Pencil, biro and watercolour