St Nicholas Catholic High School

About This School

We are an 11-18 co-educational Catholic Comprehensive School in Hartford with Business and Enterprise College status and a second specialism as a Leading Edge school.The school has an excellent reputation and provides for its students an environment that challenges them to make the most of their God-given talents while at the same time helping them to develop as young people. 'Art is a unique way of understanding and responding to the world'. In year 9 students develop their creativity and imagination. Topics include 'Image and Text' and 'Card construction Cameras'.

dot-art Schools Champion

This school has been generously supported by Team Momentum through our dot-art Schools Champions programme.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three entries from each school and public voting is open from 1st - 26th April 2019. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at The Old Library in Chester starting on the 28th June.

A knight and the dragon

Sam Giavedoni

30 x 42cm, Colour pencil


Catherine Lever

15 x 21cm, Pencil

Under the sea

Eimear Comboy

30 x 42cm, Watercolour and chalk

Fox in the snow

Paulina Szewczyk

21 x 30cm, Coloured pencil

The X-men

Owi Ball

30 x 42cm, Fine-liner, biro and ink

Fox reflection

Milly Allen

21 x 30cm, Coloured pencil

Palm Sunset

Anabelle Gallagher

21 x 30cm, Coloured pencil, watercolour and acrylic paint


Amy Sheen

21 x 30cm, Coloured pencil

Teal bubble

Eva Grice

30 x 42cm, Pencil and chalk

Floral Arrangements

Hannah Rich

21 x 30cm, Biro and watercolour


Olivia Andrzejewska

15 x 21cm, Prisma pencils, copics markers

Eyes more than vision

Matilda Delf

15 x 21cm, Coloured pencil

Cheshire Polo Club

Annabelle Kelly

21 x 30cm, Collage and acrylic

Colour vision

Poppy Knight

21 x 30cm, Acrylic, fine liner


Aislinn Clark

21 x 30cm, Watercolour