St Nicholas Catholic High School

We are an 11-18 co-educational Catholic Comprehensive School in Hartford with Business and Enterprise College status and a second specialism as a Leading Edge school.The school has an excellent reputation and provides for its students an environment that challenges them to make the most of their God-given talents while at the same time helping them to develop as young people. 'Art is a unique way of understanding and responding to the world'. In year 9 students develop their creativity and imagination. Topics include 'Image and Text' and 'Card construction Cameras'.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at at Mid Cheshire College starting on the 8th June.


Brigid Keighran

54 x 63 cm, Plaster and acrylic paint on canvas

The world in the window

Rosie Haffenden

42 x 30 cm, Mixed Media

Hunting Season

Ella Ryan

42 x 30 cm, Mixed media on paper

As mad as a March Hare

Katie Harrison

40 x 30 cm, Mixed media

Beauty is Different

Reagan Marshall

33 x 30 cm, Pencil and coloured pencil

Butterfly Blows

Amy Mather

45 x 60 cm, Mixed media on canvas

Colour Run

Lexi Lawson

20 x 20 cm, Wax crayon on canvas


Olivia Thornley

20 x 24 cm, Pencil and ink

Girl in Disguise

Faye Coleman

20 x 20 cm, Pencil on paper

Rose beauty

Celia Ball

20 x 20 cm, Pencil

In the n'eye't garden

Jayden Watts

21 x 30 cm, Biro on paper


Lydia Clewes

29 x 21 cm, Pencil crayon and ink

Love Skull

Hallie McDonough

18 x 27 cm, Pencil

Mickey Mischief

Jenna Hoskins

30 x 40 cm, Mixed media


Gwen Cooper

25 x 30 cm, Paint on canvas

The London Eye

Kate Buckley

18 x 22 cm, Acrylic paint

Percy the Pug

Joshua Walker

30 x 25 cm, Pencil on canvas

Rosie Cheeks

Freya Watts

60 x 42 cm, Pencil and coloured pencil

Sunset Butterfly

Joanna Donovan

20 x 16 cm, Coloured pencil

The tears of beauty

Lucy Atherton

45 x 61 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Vibrant beauty

Mia Giffiths

28 x 25 cm, Mixed media


Grace Quinn

27 x 37 cm, Pen on paper