The Oaks Academy

About This School

The Oaks Academy is a mixed 11-16 High School accommodating pupils from the local area of Crewe. Pupils currently have 1 art lesson a week at KS3 and are encouraged to explore a range of Fine Art approaches. Year 9 pupils are currently studying the theme of Africa. Having created handmade sketchbooks, they have been exploring a range of mixed media approaches to creating art linked to this theme. The work submitted has been created in lessons or in a Gifted and Talented Art club.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three entries from each school and public voting is open from 1st - 26th April 2019. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at The Old Library in Chester starting on the 28th June.

The Elegant Elephant

Kelly Wu

59cm x 42cm, Mixed media


Kennan Rutter

47cm x 51cm, Graphite and White Paint

The Elephant

Ellie Garrett

51cm x 35cm, Graphite and White Paint

Please help me

Milly Kolbuck

51cm x 34cm, Mixed media

African Mask

Francesca Beard

33cm x 51cm, Mixed media


Jagoda Jakubiak

31cm x 31cm, Graphite and White Paint

African Giraffe

Amy Chen

41cm x 59cm, Mixed media


Gabriella Beeney

41cm x 59cm, Mixed media

The Right Stripe

Halina Sidzinska

41cm x 59cm, Mixed media

The White Rhinoceros

Bethany Wallace

42cm x 59cm, Mixed media