The Oaks Academy

About This School

The Oaks Academy is a mixed 11-16 High School accommodating pupils from the local area of Crewe. Pupils currently have 1 art lesson a week at KS3 and are encouraged to explore a range of Fine Art approaches. Year 9 pupils are currently studying the theme of Africa. Having created handmade sketchbooks, they have been exploring a range of mixed media approaches to creating art linked to this theme. The work submitted has been created in lessons or in a Gifted and Talented Art club.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts are currently selecting their top three entries from each school from the submissions below. Public voting will be open from 1st - 29th April 2019. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at The Old Library in Chester starting on the 28th June.

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Milly Kolbuck

51cm x 34cm, Mixed media

The Elegant Elephant

Kelly Wu

59cm x 42cm, Mixed media

African Mask

Francesca Beard

33cm x 51cm, Mixed media


Kennan Rutter

47cm x 51cm, Graphite and White Paint


Jagoda Jakubiak

31cm x 31cm, Graphite and White Paint

African Giraffe

Amy Chen

41cm x 59cm, Mixed media


Gabriella Beeney

41cm x 59cm, Mixed media

The Right Stripe

Halina Sidzinska

41cm x 59cm, Mixed media

The Elephant

Ellie Garrett

51cm x 35cm, Graphite and White Paint

The White Rhinoceros

Bethany Wallace

42cm x 59cm, Mixed media