Upton by Chester High School

About This School

Upton-by-Chester High is a highly successful, 11-18 High School. Our mission statement is 'Learning to Shape the Future'. We strive to ensure our students achieve not just academic excellence, but also leave our school ready to take their place in the world of the future. In the Art department our aim is to develop independent and creative thinkers. We believe that art education has a vital role in the development of all pupils and we encourage problem solving, the ability to work and think independently; providing opportunities to apply their ideas and thoughts creatively.


dot-art Schools Champion

This school has been generously supported by Chester Townhouse through our dot-art Schools Champions programme.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts are currently selecting their top three entries from each school from the submissions below. Public voting will be open from 3rd -28th April 2018 and the winners will be announced here on Monday 30th April. The first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at Storyhouse in Chester starting on the 8th June.

Architecture layers

Vivien Szilagyi

42cm x 36cm, Pen and ink on paper,card

Tudor layers

Eleanor Cunningham

45cm x 32cm, Marker pen on paper

Still Life Drawing Sheet 1

Lisa Thompson

85cm x 68cm, Pencil, graphite, biro, marker, ink and bleach on paper,card

Still Life Drawing Sheet 2

Katie Cocks

85cm x 68cm, Pencil, graphite, biro, marker, ink and bleach on paper,card


Faisal Aljemaiah

29cm x 21cm, Photography


Caitlyn Filer

29cm x 21cm, Photography

4 way skull

Emma Houston

21cm x 29cm, Photography

Donald Duck

Freya Smith

21cm x 29cm, Photography

Fruit and Veg Head

Helin Yilmaz

21cm x 29cm, Photography

Colour select glass

Lydia Purcell

21cm x 29cm, Photography


Nisa Hoque

21cm x 29cm, Photography


Joshua Price

21cm x 29cm, Photography

Violin Still life

Honey Varley

21cm x 29cm, Photography