Upton Priory School

Upton Priory is a large Primary school in Macclesfield. Following tailored lessons in tone, animal forms and still life the children chose to create their own piece of work based on their individual interests.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 3rd April to 5th May 2017. The winners can be seen below and the first-placed entry from each school will be included in an exhibition at at Mid Cheshire College starting on the 8th June.

Lost Reindeer in a Winter Forest

Skye Mayers

30 x 42 cm, Oil pastel and paint

The Furious Cheetah

Charlie Ackerley

21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

Giraffe Collage

Petya Pachalova

30 x 42 cm, Oil pastel

Flower Pot

Marshall Wilson

60 X 85 cm, Paint

Monkey Forest

Marcus Toft

42 x 60 cm, Colour pencil and pen

Golden Hearted

Catriona Beynon

60 x 85 cm, Pencil and pen

The Tree Monkey

William Hutchings

21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil and oil pastel

The Deserted Elephant

Ava Kendall

30 x 42 cm, Colour pencil

Snow Island

Abigail Rowson

30 x 42 cm, Pencil and oil pastel

Pumpkin Man

Owen Arrowsmith

42 x 60 cm, Felt tip pen

Devouring Dragon

Marco Dennis

21 x 30 cm, Oil pastel and pencil

The Woods Fire

Grecia Fletcher

21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

An Ink Explosion

Yuan Yi Ho

45 x 130 cm, Mixed media with ink

The Lizard of Patterns

Keira O'Brien

21 x 30 cm, Felt tip pen and oil pastel

The Mysterious Monkey

Honey Cawley

42 x 30 cm, Oil pastel and colour pastel

The Terrifying House

Ashleigh Gibbons

42 x 30 cm, Pencil

The Lost World

Morgan Ford

42 x 30 cm, Graphite and pencil

Apple Idea

Charlie Orphanides

42 x 30 cm, Pastel

The Eagle

Calvin Panyai

30 x 42 cm, Oil pastel

Animal Collage

Niamh Kennedy

12 x 30 cm, Felt tip

Pleading Man

Millie Bristow

42 x 60 cm, Pencil and colour chalk

Amazing Arctic

Amelia Rollinson

21 x 30 cm, Felt tip


Finn Williamson

30 x 42 cm, Felt tip

Fireworks tree

Eleanor Knott

42 x 60 cm, Mixed media and ink

The Florescent Flowers

Skye Oliver

30 x 42 cm, Watercolour and pen